piniq is live!

Posted on December 6 2011

Our first xbox 360 game, piniq, is live! Get it here!

A game developer has been born

Posted on September 28th 2011

Today marks a momentous occasion. At least, I hope so. Game development companies come and go. Most of them are born and die silently. You donít even know they exist. Two or three guys get excited about a new idea, work on it, then they get bored or run out of money or have a number of other things happen to kill their dream.

It is my sincere hope that this doesnít happen to us. Weíre certainly starting off in much the same way as those other guys. We got excited about an idea Ė to make awesome games Ė and then got started with something simple that evolved into something that we didnít know we were capable of.

Very soon, our first game, piniq, will be released on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Will it sell? Maybe. Maybe not. What I know is that Iíve had a blast making it and look forward to making more awesome games. I have so many ideas that I want to share. So many unseen experiences that I want others to experience. The promise of delivering is incredibly exciting.

Iím writing this post for two reasons.
1. If I ever start to wane in my dedication, hopefully Iíll read this and rekindle the spirit that I have right now.
2. If youíre reading this as a fan of our games (which at this point havenít been created), I want you to remind me of my promise to bring you great games. Donít let us die silently. Donít let us settle for mediocrity. Either of those outcomes would be incredibly tragic. You donít want to be responsible for a tragedy, do you?